Janeece Smith


My name is Janeece Smith, and I am a professional real estate agent. I do not take the title lightly, nor should anyone to whom service and dedication is important. I pride myself in having a strong work ethic, and I realize that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. I will work for you. Buying or selling real estate requires more than just advertising the property. I will walk the property lines and be familiar with the property itself. I will do my best to stay on top of the closing process to complete the transfer as soon and efficiently as possible.

I moved to Goldendale in the fall of 2004 to help my Aunt who lived here. I met Joe Johnson at his shop, Goldendale Exhaust on Broadway street here in town. So if you need mechanical work on your vehicles, stop by and see him, he would be glad to help you. Joe has a boy named Robbie who loves his 4-wheeler! We got Married on Dec 15, 2012 after 8 years! We have a baby girl named Jewell who was born Easter Sunday 04/8/2012!

Our hobbies are skiing, snowmobiling, 4X4ing, camping, fishing, horseback riding, boating, car cruises and many other things related to the outdoors.

I am are proud to be affiliated with this area's prominent real estate company. For over 30 years, Klickitat Valley Realty, Inc. has provided professional real estate services to this community and has established a tradition of excellence. In keeping with this tradition, personal service and dedication are our hallmarks. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, we have the resources and the expertise to provide you with excellent service. Call or email Us today!

Thank you Klickitat County For the opportunity to serve you. These Stats include all Real Estate Sales Agents and Brokers via Regional Multiple Listing Service(RMLS). These stats are Klickitat County wide!
2007 #1 for Total Volume Sold for Land, Land Transactions Completed, Overall # of Transactions Completed
2008 #1 For Total Transactions Completed, # of Sold sides, Land & Homes.
2009 #1 For Total Transactions Completed, Land & Homes, # of total Sold sides
2010 #2 for total units, and that was because I had sold too much land for client who refused to let me close on a property until after the 1st of January 2011 which would have add 2 more units and made me No 1 for 2010 units sold. Nothing to be ashamed of there!
2011 took some time for myself but still sold approx 700 acres in Klickitat County! #3 for Total Volume sold, #2 in total units sold.
2012 #1 Klickitat County Land Sales Broker via RMLS Stats by 10 units and Over $ 600,000!
2013 as of July 2013 I have completed over 55 units Klickitat County Wide! # 1 so far and broke my 52 unit record.

For the Doomsday Prepper, http://www.Doomsdaypreppersrealestate.com is catered to you!

I am also launching a new website http://klickitatcountyrealestate.com

Position: Broker
Phone: 509.773.3755
Cell: 509.261.1618
Toll Free: 800.895.1384
Fax: 509.773.4656
Email: janeecekvr@gmail.com
Link: http://www.klickitatcountyland.com